The Station

The Station is a film group, a secret (but not really a secret) film society for film lovers in the Lafayette area. They gather every other Wednesday to enjoy great filmmaking, and resoundingly, warmly and cordially invite *you* to join them!

The Station is the place to go if you want to hop on a figurative train and be transported to the beautiful lands of Baraka, the laughter of Mr. Chaplin, the antics of Mr. Roberto Benigni, or many worlds that weren’t possible to get to in a whirl of 30 seconds off Jefferson Street – before now. Be prepared for a mix of indie film and just damn good filmmaking. Bring your friends and neighbors and co-workers, bring your love of film, bring the appetite of your imagination, and let’s show Lafayette that indie film is an unquenched thirst that so many of us carry.

2 Wednesday’s per Month evening we will show a great flick for your viewing pleasure in the comfort of a small theater, in the company of fellow film lovers, with a little beverage to warm your insides and a little story to feed your soul. Where else could your Wednesday evening be better spent? Nowhere else. That’s the answer y’all. Join us! :)

WHERE: The Station is happy to announce a partnership with Cité des Arts. For the love of art, for the love of film, for the love of community, Cité has graciously offered The Station free access to their sweet in-house theater. Thanks Cité des Arts!
*Cité is located in downtown Lafayette at 109 Vine Street between Jefferson Street and Third Street.

WHEN: The haps start every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Come grab some popcorn, say hi to your film pals and get ready for the show at 7p! Check out our upcoming schedule here!

AFTER FILM SHENANIGANS: Our favorite folks over at Pamplona have graciously agreed to give 10% off your food purchase after each film at The Station, (on top of the great fact that Wed. nights are already all night ‘happy hour’)! Just grab one of those awesome bartenders or servers and whisper the code: “Just came from The Station” (for ex.) and you’re in! See you next Wednesday!*

*Footnote: It all starts with The Station, but the aim is to bring back an indie theater to Lafayette. Let’s do this film lovers! The Station is here to save you from watching the newest, gag-inducing flick with Jennifer Anniston and Hugh Grant, and give you a free night of film that will surely add beauty, laughs, nourishment and adventure to your week. Leave the Hugh Grant lovers at The Grand, and come hang with us at The Station!



There are many more amazing films queued up to be shown to our Lafayette film-loving community (Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” for one!), however we have lost our sponsor as they are MOVING to HOLLAND for a big career opportunity.

Please help spread the word, and Help Save The Station!
*I hope I’ll be deleting this message and posting new, upcoming films, and our new underwriter/white horse SOON!! (And my non-techy self is working on that little glitch that’s visiting us below ;)).

Have a film that you think MUST be shown at The Station? Email Crystal at: crystal (at) crystalaplace (dot) com!